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Vin YouTube CMS

Content ID

We help in monetizing or blocking the copies of the original content Worldwide.

Copyright owners can choose different actions to take on material that matches theirs:

  • Mute audio that matches their music
  • Block a whole video from being viewed
  • Monetize the video
  • Track the video’s viewership statistics


We claim the licensed videos as they are uploaded, claiming them for the original content owners.

Depending on the content owner’s policy, some Content ID claims prevent certain material from being available on YouTube.

Others allow the video to remain live, while directing the advertising revenue to the content owners of the claimed content, like music.


We help you monetize your contents on YouTube.

Based on your content, YouTube advertisement policies and other various parameters we help you in making money from your videos and sound recordings.


For new channels to be monetized, the channels should have minimum 1000 subscribers and 4,000 minutes watch hours.

YouTube Certified

Our team is certified by YouTube, and we are capable in guiding your channel to reach its best performance.

We are certified in the following:

  • Channel Growth
  • Asset Monetization
  • Content Ownership

VinTV as a company is certified by YouTube.


We provide one to one support services, and we ensure your channel growth along with you. We provide various support for our partners, some are as below:

+ Tips in improving the channel

+ Managing various claims

  • Disputed Claims
  • Reference Overlaps
  • Appealed Claims
  • Ownership Conflicts
  • Partner Strike etc.

+ Ensuring timely availability of report every month

+ Making sure the payment is done on time etc.

Direct with YouTube

We are not a sub-network under any other network. We work directly with YouTube.

Our Partner Manager from YouTube constantly monitors our CMS and gives us various timely inputs.

Our music partners can utilize the YouTube space which is available in YouTube office in Dubai.